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FORESIGHT 02 turns waste into wealth

The second issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy Business Denmark is released!

Picking up once more on the theme of transitioning to a green economy, this issue explores the efficient use of resources, from highly advanced recycling, to district cooling of buildings using seawater, to the way companies can use one another’s waste products in a process known as “industrial symbiosis.” Among other articles, we also take a look at a major wind technology advance being heralded as a big leap forward, the potential benefits of using big data in the electricity sector, and what the historic costs of energy generation can tell us about the right investment choices for tomorrow.

Read more about the magazine here or visit FORESIGHT’s website.

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Introducing FORESIGHT Climate & Energy Business Denmark

Today sees the launch of a new magazine of record for international energy professionals who want to know more about the stream of innovations for decarbonisation of energy supply that flow from Denmark, a global hub of climate and energy expertise.

In the best traditions of independent, investigative journalism, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy Business Denmark bridges the knowledge gap between the challenges of climate change faced by governments and companies everywhere and the solutions available from Denmark.

In the launch issue of FORESIGHT we tell the story of Denmark’s transition to all-renewable energy for heat and power; how smart thinking and new technology is making cities nicer, cleaner and more adaptable to rapid growth and weather extremes; and why financial innovation has brought a new level of investor confidence to the climate and energy space. Plus much more.

At FORESIGHT we are passionate about inspiring the world with stories of clean energy solutions for profitable business and sustainable growth. When solutions to the challenges of climate change are not properly understood, appear economically out of reach, or lie in obscurity, progress slows. Public policy lacks clarity. Market visibility is reduced. Business suffers. A more knowledgeable world is an enlightened world. Our aim is to reach as large a global audience as possible with stories that shed light on the way ahead.

Read more about the magazine here

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New York and Chicage appluad FORESIGHT initiative

First Purple CEO and Founder of FORESIGHT, Kasper Thejll-Karstensen, visited the US to promote and establish distribution partnerships. He received a warm welcome from established Danish trade bodies who applauded the initiative and acknowledged its importance:

”Conditions are favourable for Danish clean-tech in the US market. Currently, the US is facing specific climate-related challenges in wind, water, and energy, for which Danish companies with Danish competencies can offer solutions. We are sure that initiatives, which highlight Danish expertise in energy technology, provide excellent opportunities to introduce Danish solutions to the US market.”
– Consul General Jakob Andersen, Chicago

The mission of FORESIGHT is to inspire the world with solutions for achieving sustainable energy supply and consumption. To tell readers about Danish technology and know-how and how it is being applied to create a healthy and profitable clean energy economy.


First Purple and Lars Just win the prestigious International Photography Award

First Purple and photojournalist Lars Just have won the international photography award at PDN Photo Annual 2016. The project called Voices from The Cold War brought First Purple and Lars Just in the same category with The New York Times, TIME, Pulitzer Center, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Reuters.

Together with the photojournalist Lars Just, First Purple created the photo series Voices from the Cold on some of society’s most affected young people from the day centre Oripaq in Greenland. The lives of those young people were affected by violence, abuse, drugs and significant neglect. The photo series was recently voted as one of the winners in the category Photojournalism/Documentary at the prestigious PDN Photo Annual 2016.

PDN Photo Annual is one of the greatest photo awards in the USA, and managers from TIME, National Geographic, WIRED, Christie’s, VOGUE, Aperture, Getty Images and The New York Times have been in the jury.

The prize was awarded to Lars Just and other winners at an exclusive party in New York in June 2016.

You can experience Voices from The Cold at Copenhagen Photo Festival during the period 2nd – 12th of June. The exhibition opening will take place on the 2nd of June between 19.00 and 22.00 in KW3, Krausesvej 3, Copenhagen.

The photo series is published in a photo book entitled Jeg tænker på solen produced by First Purple in 2015.

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VIDEO – FORESIGHT – Climate & Energy Business Denmark

New Danish climate and energy magazine set to capture a global audience.

Industrialised countries the world over are faced with the challenge of transitioning to a decarbonised economy without sacrificing growth. Denmark leads the world in achieving this transition, which the government aims to complete for electricity and heating by 2035 and for transport by 2050. The country is a living laboratory for the delivery of reliable and affordable green energy.

Foresight Climate & Energy Business, a new magazine and website, has set itself the task of telling the world how Denmark will achieve its aims. It will gather the threads of Denmark’s learning in climate and energy solutions and tie them together in a mix of lively but highly authoritative reporting, presented in a winningly attractive and high class format reflective of the best traditions of Danish design.

No longer do Denmark’s climate and energy achievements have to be a little understood mystery in the outside world, or regarded with deep scepticism by disbelievers fed on misinformation. Foresight is the new magazine of record for the climate and energy sector. Not only will it inform the world of the very latest Danish innovations, whether they be products and processes, systems and solutions, or a brilliant new utilisation of IT in energy efficiency, Foresight will be a platform for setting the record straight, for correcting misrepresentation of the Danish approach, for answering misleading claims and for countering misreporting.

If you want to know more about Foresight, visit the brand new website

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FORESIGHT – Climate & Energy Business Denmark

First Purple proudly presents the new climate change and energy business magazine, Foresight.

You’ll likely agree with us that Denmark is a bit of a pioneer when it comes to climate and energy. Danish answers to environmental problems are highly sought after the world over, as is more information about them. We believe the time has come for some serious recognition of what Denmark has to offer — and in a medium that lends itself to incisive examination of complex issues and their solutions in an exceptionally attractive showcase format. Hence Foresight magazine.

Countries, cities, governments and companies face major climate and energy challenges. Foresight will bring Danish climate and energy solutions to their doors around the world.

Foresight will be published quarterly with the first release in early July 2016. The launch issue will be distributed in September 2016 @ Climate Week NYC and WindEnergy Hamburg. Each quarterly publication will focus on a specific theme and how Denmark has developed solutions to particular climate and energy challenges. The international reader will be presented with knowledge in a format that inspires action.

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VIDEO – Oil Gas Denmark – Annual Magazine 2015

This year’s Annual Magazine by Oil Gas Denmark was produced in English and Danish and published in connection with the Oil & Gas Summit 2015. The title of the Annual Magazine is “The North Sea”. With World Wide distribution of +120.000 copies the Annual Magazine pointed out the great competences and growth potential in Danish Oil and Gas. Experience the Annual Magazine at the Oil & Gas Summit 2015 in DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen. Take a look at our “home video” from the annual event!

Experience the Annual Magazine 2015 by Oil Gas Denmark